Student Success

  • _ddd7249 100% 100% of seniors from TYWLS of East Harlem have been accepted to college - for all 15 of the school's graduating classes.
  • "At TYWLS, students do not let their sisters fail, it is cool to be smart and hardworking, and young women believe anything is possible."
  • _ddd8507 80% Approximately 80% of TYWLS graduating seniors are the first in their family to attend college.
  • _zzz8299_edited2 400% TYWLS alumnae achieve four-year college degrees at nearly four times the rate of their peers.
  • "TYWLS and CollegeBound helped my daughter to break the chains that have kept the women in my family from going to college."
  • $100M Since 2001, TYWLS students have received nearly $100 million in financial aid with an average student aid package of nearly $20,000 per year.