#LetHerLead - Celebrating Women Leaders

Here at Young Women’s Leadership Network, we honor and celebrate the women who impact our students' lives and change the face of leadership. The women on our staff, in our classrooms, in our schools and those who work with our partner programs, help to shape and influence the way our students see the world and their future.

We celebrate the rich rewards and legacy of the inspirational women in our communities.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT TODAY, #LetHerLead, to celebrate women leaders.

Young Women's Leadership Network (YWLN) supports The Young Women's Leadership Schools (TYWLS) in 5 locations around New York City, including Astoria, the Bronx, Brooklyn, East Harlem, and Queens, impacting 2,500 female students in grades 6 through 12 this year. Donations raised from the #LetHerLead campaign will help to support TYWLS' year-long education programs,  including coursework led by partner programs, volunteer events, and upcoming summer camps.

Make a gift today to help pave the way for The Young Women's Leadership School students, our future female leaders!

$25  - This donation supports one-hour of mentoring through our early college and career awareness volunteer programs.

$100 - This donation underwrites opportunities for young women to participate in leadership programs.

$500 - This donations helps to fund our summer programs for girls, including Tech Explorers, which bring students directly to companies to work alongside and learn from leaders in STEM.

$1,000 - This donation will sponsor a year of TYWLS' core programing in 4 areas: leadership, health and wellness, STEM, and college and career awareness - for one student and position her to be a leader in her life.




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