• _ddd7249 100% 100% of seniors from TYWLS of East Harlem have been accepted to college - for all 14 of the school's graduating classes.
  • "At TYWLS, students do not let their sisters fail, it is cool to be smart and hardworking, and young women believe anything is possible."
  • _ddd8507 80% Approximately 80% of TYWLS graduating seniors are the first in their family to attend college.
  • _zzz8299_edited2 300% TYWLS alumnae achieve four-year college degrees at more than triple the rate of their peers.
  • "TYWLS and CollegeBound helped my daughter to break the chains that have kept the women in my family from going to college."
  • $21M Since 2001, TYWLS students have received more than $21 million in financial aid with an average student aid package of nearly $20,000 per year.

TYWLS empower young women to achieve their higher education dreams and to fulfill their learning and leadership potential.

Seanna V., a member of the TYWLS of East Harlem Class of 2015, shares her poem on how TYWLS has changed her life. 

Seanna V., class of East Harlem 2015, shares her poem on how TYWLS has affected her life. 

Alumnae from The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem achieve four-year college degrees at more than triple the rate of their peers.

The Young Women’s Leadership Schools are privately supported 6th – 12th grade public secondary schools that promote high-quality student learning opportunities in and out of school. Our schools provide a single-sex educational choice for predominantly low-income students who will be the first in their families to attend college. Students are admitted based upon their interest and commitment to a obtaining a single-sex and college preparatory education. TYWLS are open to girls of all academic abilities.


Network Schools

Girls’ education research guides the TYWLS model, and our schools combine the best practices of all-girls education with effective strategies that address the array of challenges faced by at-risk students. The result is an academically rigorous program fused with strong social-emotional support that forms the basis of TYWLS’ “whole girl” approach to education.


Affiliate Schools

In 1996, YWLN opened the United States’ first public all-girls school in 30 years, The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem. The success of our flagship school has inspired the opening of dozens of single-sex schools nationwide, including several affiliates. 


Some of Our Graduates

  • Ymln_students_03 Christina R. Hunter College
  • Amber shamburger_web Amber S. SUNY Albany
  • Ymln_students_09 Ashley M. Bates College
  • Tywls_web3 Carla G. Dartmouth College
  • Chantalweb Chantal S. Albertus Magnus College